267 New York Ave. LLC - Jersey City, NJ

From garage to unique luxury lofts: This 5,000 square foot automotive garage occupied the entire lot. The roof was supported on steel girders spanning the 50 feet width leaving the interior column free. The property was purchased for conversion by two families, with the intent of constructing two new loft style apartments. Each family was provided a private entry from the street and an independent garage. A courtyard, cut into the middle of the structure, provides an outdoor room with landscaping, around which the living, dining and master bedrooms are situated. The concrete slab was removed, grade leveled and a new slab poured with a radiant heating system. This has proven to be an efficient and comfortable way of heating a ground floor with in excess of 15’ headroom.

Contact: Partners Charlie Trowbridge & Kit Sailer, 201-792-3176

Architect: Lee Levine Architects, PC.

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Before & after of exterior: note addition of second floor