Client References

On Soojian Brother's collaboration with other Contractors
(re: Major Coffee Chain's Hackensack NJ Store Renovation)

"Steve - Just dropping a note to thank you and your staff for allowing us to observe your installation and taking the time to answer our questions. This was an eye opener to say the least and probably should be required for new contractors. For us, cooperation from another contractor on the same project is a unique experience.

Your assistance certainly demonstrated the atmosphere of working together so all can be successful. Thanks again"

–Keith O'Malley
Seaboard Construction Group Inc.
February 2007

Kudos on Major Coffee Chain's Florham Park Store Renovation, September 2006

"I had the opportunity to join Elisa on site earlier today to check on status of this renovation. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of my observations with everyone especially in light of the recent discussions which took place on whether to move forward with this project or postpone it into early 07’. My commentary below will, I believe, demonstrate that we made the right decision to move forward as originally planned.

Elisa / Tom – Kudos to both of you for placing significant emphasis on planning and communication. It was evident that all disciplines were well aligned on roles and responsibilities. I’m confident you’re heading toward another “zero punch” 10 year reno! Your sixth in a row, I believe.

Michael L – Your team of partners providing the coffee service was great. Not one customer during my stay left the front of the store disappointed. The partners were well informed on the status of the project and scope of work and clearly articulated that to the customers.

Steve Soojian – A+ on project organization! Steve J was leading the charge in true leadership fashion. There were literally 10-15 tradesmen in the store working together as a team. I applaud how tools, materials, casework components, even the dumpster placement were staged. This level of organization provides efficiency which leads to quality results.

Monica – Nice job coordinating with Tom/Elisa on addressing all facility related issues, mainly the HVAC replacement and sanitary line /grease trap work. By closely coordinating efforts, you have achieved resolution to these issues without impacting the construction schedule of the reno.

I’m excited to see the final result and feel proud to be partner on this team. Great job by all!"

Kudos on Renovation of Coldwell Banker's Springfield NJ Offices, January 2007

"I have to tell you – VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Kudos to Patrick and Craig and to the team of contractors they use.  Since the start of this project in Mid December, I did not know that the construction crew was here. There were truly non disruptive. We were able to go about our daily activities. They were quiet, and more importantly clean. When the Soojian Brothers construction crew would leave for the night, everything was left neat and clean. Even our parking lot where the dumpster was placed was swept up.

Well, as I type this, the agent desk furniture is being installed and we should be literally “up”stairs and running in a few days. Patrick was able to make a few changes for me downstairs on our main level and it opened up the space beautifully.  Ina Singer commented to me when it was done, “how great it is” and “why didn’t she and Gary think of it”. The new voicemail and phone system are working terrifically too, (Telmac was great and speedy, too – but you know that already).

I’m hoping you’ll stop by and see it before my Introductory Soiree. Patti saw it this morning, but it wasn’t finished and the furniture was being delivered.

Thank you again for your support in pushing this project through and as you know, Patrick and his team come through as always! Everything went like clockwork. I know you are pleased and proud to have such a great team working for you and Coldwell Banker."

Alan Wurman

"On behalf of the entire company, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks to your company for providing services relating to the alteration of the existing library space. Your uncompromising commitment to this project has now provided a great reading and learning environment for the children and their teachers associated with this program."

RCM For Major Coffee Chain
in conjunction with Books for Kids Father English Children's Library, Paterson, NJ

"My name is Kevin Stafford and I am the owner and license holder for Certified Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.  Just wanted to take a few moments to commend you on your superlative crew. When Hurricane Katrina tore up Dauphin Island, Alabama , I was notified that in a few days I was to meet a crew from Pennsylvania with a generator and assist as necessary in cleaning up the mess and checking out the equipment. Your guys hit the ground running and had the place cleaned up in no time. Over the past month or so, I've had the pleasure of working with two different crews of yours and have found them all to be diligent and attentive and extremely industrious. Kudos especially to Marty and Mike for making all kinds of nearly impossible things happen. It's been a distinct pleasure and just wanted you to know I appreciate the opportunity to work with your company on these projects."

Kevin J. Stafford
Certified Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.
Dauphin Island, AL

"Lee Levine Architects, P.C., at Studio L, is a well established Architectural and Interior Design Firm, specializing in space planning, interior and building design and project administration. We provide professional services to a wide range of corporate, professional, commercial, restaurant, residential development and arts clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We specialize in the alteration, conversion and reuse of existing urban structures and are extensively involved in the planning and design of residential and retail development within urban neighborhoods.

Since 1992 a number of our residential, commercial and restaurant projects have been constructed by Soojian Brothers and SoojianBrothers Construction. Our experiences in working with their Principals and staff have been exceptional. The Soojian Brothers team has performed their roles as General Contractors and Construction Managers in a professional manner and they have exhibited a unique ability to understand the needs of the client, the intent of the design and construction documents and exceptional craftsmanship in their construction.

Soojian Brothers has worked to value engineer cost savings without adversely impacting on image and quality, they have continue to service clients and their projects long after the construction itself has been completed, and their sub-contractors have almost always performed similarly with a professional attitude and care.

As a result of their performance on residential interiors and conversions, restaurant and commercial alterations, mixed use and educational ground up projects, this office has succeeded in satisfying both our clients and adding to our own portfolio. We cannot recommend any other contractor as highly as we do this group."

Lee Levine
Studio L/Lee Levine Architects, PC.

Click here for a list of clients and photographs representing some of the excellent work completed by the Soojian Brothers team for Lee Levine Architects, P.C.

"I have known Soojian Brothers, it's partners, and a majority of their workforce for several years in both a professional and personal capacity and can say, without any reservations, that they are perhaps the most honest, hard working, capable, and caring company I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

The partners truly care about their clients and employees alike as has been clearly defined in the numerous meetings we have had over time.  It is a refreshing change to deal with a company whose owners are more concerned with doing the right thing, than their own personal gain / advancement at the expense of others.

I have, and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks for an trustworthy, reliable, and accomplished construction company."

Michael Lensak

"This letter of recommendation is for the Soojian Brothers Construction Company whom we have enjoyed a business relationship with for the past fifteen years. Over that time the Soojian family, including their employees, have always acted in a very professional manner and with a high level of integrity. I personally have visited numerous job locations through the years and have only seen quality work performed on orderly sites.

Going forward we can only hope to maintain this relationship and look forward to serving the Soojian Brothers company for many years to come."

Robert A. Kaslander, Jr.
VP, Excelsior Lumber Co., Inc.

July 20, 2012

In my 35 years of being in the construction industry there hasn’t been a lot of times that I felt this strongly about this subject, but I feel as though you should know this. I want you to know that you and your guys did an EXCELLENT job at #4821. And that doesn’t include the curve ball thrown at us by the municipality. Your work, and that of your subs, is exemplary. Your attention to detail is excellent. The feeling I got after walking out of that store after our punch walk was that we turned over a product that made our ‘customer’ extremely satisfied. Soojian really gets it; quality work with excellent customer service. Your integrity and commitment to excellence shows in your work and your work ethic. Please keep up the great work and once again THANK YOU!

Bill Hall
Regional Construction Manager, Rite Aid

August 23, 2010

Starbucks has employed Soojian Brothers Construction to complete a large variety of remodel and new store construction for more than 10 years. In my many years of experience, I have rarely run across a firm that truly cares about the satisfaction of their customers as much as Soojian Brothers Construction.

In my personal experience of working with them for almost 4 years, each project has been completed with the utmost quality, on time and at a competitive cost. I have never once received any financial inquiries from suppliers or sub-contractors that work for them.

My only wish is that they were able to handle all my projects! But in the spirit of effectively managing their resources and knowing their capacities, any projects that cannot be handled are communicated in an efficient manner so that I have time to work with another vendor.

In summary, I would not hesitate to utilize the services of Soojian Brothers Construction on any of my projects and I would recommend the same to my colleagues.

Mark J. Goepfert
Project Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company

April 15, 2013

Soojian Brothers is by far the best general contractor we do work for. From their communication to their reliability, cooperative supervision and honesty they are the only contractor that’s seems to finish their projects on time. We have done work for them for the last 3 years and could not be any happier to work for them.

They are always going above and beyond to keep their clients and everyone involved in their projects informed on the status and progress of their work. Any problems that may arise are documented and brought to light with possible solutions to help keep the projects moving forward. They are also the timeliest payers we work for. Their payment terms rarely exceed 30 days which is extremely quick in these rough economic times. Any time I am asked for a reference for a general contractor from prospective clients they are the first contractor I tell anyone to call. If you require any more information please feel free to contact me.

Kenneth Nicosia
Operating Member
ADR Electric LLC
Hamburg NJ

April 15, 2013

My company has been performing HVAC work for Soojian Brothers for more than 5 years. I have been very pleased with the way they managed the construction projects we have been awarded. The Soojian management team is very professional and handles every project in an orderly manner.

From starting with the bid packages, to the completion of the project, adequate time is always allotted. They are very cooperative and always communicate their expectations very clearly. They are open to suggestions on how to improve the given project and listen to all concerns. This makes all of their projects flow very smoothly.

Soojian Brothers has always taken pride in creating a clean environment on the job site. There is always a crew cleaning up as the work progresses. This makes for a safe and comfortable work environment.

Bill payment with Soojian Brothers has never been a problem. When we submit a bill, it is always paid in a timely manner. There is never a need to send them a monthly statement.

Dan Sautner
Vice President
B & M Heating & Air Conditioning
Franklin Lakes, NJ