An Introduction & Some Case Histories

So how much business will I lose during my store renovation?

If you choose a Soojian Brothers' “Stay Open!” Store Renovation,
the answer would be none.

Over the years, Soojian Brothers pioneered and perfected this type of fast-track renovation – it allows you to stay open for business throughout the project, typically with only a few hours of closing, sometimes none.

Since the renovation work is done at night, your customers are not inconvenienced and projects are finished in days, not weeks. When a night’s work is done, your store is cleaned and re-set for a normal morning opening.

This type of reno is not easy to pull off for the average contractor – it requires experience, fastidious pre-planning and orchestrating the timing of the various subs/trades required (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting etc). Our subs’ proven commitment to 100% cooperation and willingness to work the unusual hours is key.

And obtaining the necessary permits far ahead of the start date from the local authorities and then scheduling the pinpoint timing of inspections is another challenge beyond the capabilities of most contractors.

So have a look at some of the case histories below (and make note of the timestamps on the photos!)

Pre-Construction Due Diligence Is Critical

  • Meet with town to discuss expectations and pre-schedule inspections - have permits in hand

  • Meet with landlord to discuss dumpster & storage locations and to see if they have any site specific regulations - this is especially important in mall locations

  • Complete the detailed construction schedule

  • Cross reference the Material Schedules on plan to the FFE Plan to the Items Ordered Sheet to look for discrepancies

  • Conduct pre-construction meeting with the SM, DM, CM and GC to alleviate apprehensions and go over expectations

Right-click here to download our Powerpoint Presentation on Soojian Bros. "Stay Open!" Store Renovations

Case History - A 10 Day Renovation

Typical Closing Schedule

  • Day 1; Monday; 12:00 noon until 5:00 am (16 hours)

  • Day 2; Tuesday; 12:00 noon until 5:00 am (16 hours)

  • Day 3; Wednesday; 12:00 noon until 5:00 am (16 hours)

  • Day 4; Thursday; 12:00 noon until 5:00 am (16 hours) - not needed if floor is not being done

  • Day 5; Friday; 6:00 pm close until 5:00 am (11 hours)

  • Days 6 & 7; No work over the weekend (OPTIONAL)

  • Day 8; Monday; 6:00 pm close until 5:00 am (11 hours)

  • Day 9; Tuesday; 8:00 pm until 5:00 am (9 hours)

  • Day 10; Wednesday; 8:00 pm until 5:00 am (9 hours)

  • Thursday; Store is back to normal hours

DAY 1, Monday - Backline   

  • Demo of back line/interior walls

  • Rework electric & plumbing

  • Build new walls/rock 1 side

  • Blocking/install wall cubbies

  • Set backline cabinets & counters

  • Re-set equipment

  • Power and plumbing hook ups

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAY 2, Tuesday - Frontline

  • Demo frontline, save pastry case

  • Saw cutting for floor sink relo

  • Re-work electric and plumbing

  • Set new bar, POS, & pastry case

  • Re-set all equipment

  • Power and plumbing hook ups

  • Seam Corian counters at the BL

  • Demo floor tiles to be replaced

  • Scarify floor of thinset

  • Prep for back splash wall tile

  • Begin wall prep for paint

  • Demo and set panels at 1st R. R.

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening


DAY 3, Wednesday – Lighting/Ceiling

  • Rough framing inspection

  • Re-locate/add wood soffit panels

  • Install new ceiling lighting

  • Finish first R.R. install Fixtures

  • Install banquette seating

  • Continue wall prep

  • Demo existing chair rail

  • Replace all damaged ceiling tiles

  • Install R.R. accessories

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAY 4, Thursday - Flooring

  • Install floor tile, base and grout

  • Install backsplash tile and grout

  • Continue wall prep

  • Demo and set panels at 2nd R. R.

  • Install under counter lights at cubbies

  • Install FRP at the wet cabinets

  • Final ceiling prep for Friday paint

  • Prep and install wall cladding at the accent wall

  • Install custom wood trim at hallway door

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAY 5, Friday – Ceiling Paint

  • Protection for ceiling paint

  • Install BOH Eliason door

  • Finish 2nd R.R. install fixtures

  • Install R.R. accessories

  • Finish and sand all spackle

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAYS 6 & 7, Saturday/Sunday - No Work Over The Weekend

DAY 8, Monday

  • Install free-standing merchandise bays

  • Build and set new condiment cart

  • Begin wall paint, paint R.R.

  • Install chair rail

  • Install new walk-off mat

  • Install FRP & re-set BOH as per plan

  • Install vinyl wainscoting

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAY 9, Tuesday

  • Finish all wall painting

  • Install custom shelving unit

  • Install artwork/mural  trim

  • Install metal corner guards

  • Install mural

  • Install artwork

  • Silicone throughout

  • Clean and re-set store for a normal morning opening

DAY 10, Wednesday - Renovation complete

  • Final electrical inspection

  • Final plumbing inspection

  • Build and set furniture

  • General punch list

  • Professional cleaning service

    • window cleaning

    • mechanical floor cleaning

    • high dusting

    • general cleaning

  • After today, the store is back to normal hours

  • Final building and health inspections were done during the day on Thursday

Case History - Store Expansion, Florham Park, NJ

OBJECTIVES: add Clover, reclaimed 500 square feet of unused floor space which increased customer seating from 18 to 32 seats, open-space feel with updated palette.

Before and After Floor Plans

Phasing Plan

Case History - A Ten Year Renovation with a Restroom Relocation & BOH Expansion

OBJECTIVES; enlarge BOH and Managers area, relcoate the full size refrigerator to the back of house, open up space, while increasing seating from 11 to 20 seats. Floor tiles were also replaced (tile over tile).

18 - Before & After Floor Plans

19 - Phasing Plan

Case History - Glen Rock, NJ Reno Using The Temporary Trailer

Setting Trailer Utility Hookups - General Guidelines

  • Trailer must fit the location

  • Get prior approval from the town

  • Safe & separate egress for customers and workers

  • Plan on minimum 4 days to set trailer with inspections (NJ)

  • Prior arrangements for ice delivery and bulk milk storage

  • Prior coordination of data runs for POS and brewing equipment

  • Temporary dry storage will be required

  • We were able to open store and then remove trailer in one day

This store was completed in only 11 days working thru the weekend, turn over on Friday.
We installed new floor tiles and did a full bar reversal. There were only a few hours of interrupted business.