Careers at Soojian Brothers

From time to time, there are job openings at Soojian Brothers Construction, which may include office staff, construction superintendents, carpenters and laborers.

Background Checks
Reference and criminal background checks will be conducted for all new hires. Driver's license checks will also be conducted for those responsible for driving. In accordance with federal law, all employees must provide proof of identity and employment eligibility at the time of employment.

Work Schedules
Our office is generally open each weekday, twelve months a year, between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Field working hours typically begin at 7:00 am, however this may differ depending on job and site availability.

Orientation & Evaluation Period
New employees are subject to an initial evaluation period of up to 60 days. During this period you will be evaluated on responsibilty, ability and attitude. When your imediate supervisor feels you have fully completed this period, you will have a review. Adjustment will be made and the next review date will be determined.

In all respects Soojian Brothers Construction practices affirmative action and gender equity.

Liz Schoonmaker
Office Manager
Office (973) 839-6475

Current Job Openings: